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Is Google Keeping Tabs On You?

Living in such a technological society, it can be hard to keep up with all the advancements thrown our way. In almost every aspect of our routine, technology has played such a reliable role in our lives. For a thermostat, a device we would typically take for granted, there has been a lot of current expansions made in its industry. Nest, a company focused on home mechanization, has provided people with programmable thermostat that learns a homeowner’s routine and adjusts the temperature of the home accordingly. With the expertise of prior Apple engineers, the company has skyrocketed in the thermostat and smoke detector field.

 Google has recently developed a great deal of interest in Nest. To most, it seems baffling why a well-known Internet sensation would want anything to do with a home automation company. Yet, Google’s desire to broaden its horizons, has lead them to believe that Nest is a prospective client for Google to team up with. Google has given Nest 3.2 billion dollars to join forces, making the dynamic duo an aggressive competitor in the field of home automation.

 The marriage of Google and Nest raises some concerns with consumers about privacy. Since Nest extracts data to access their devices in households’, the fact that Google has access to that data, potential clients wonder how “private” their personal information truly is.  Technology is flawed, so it’s up to you if you feel as though your information is truly at high risk, and can be held against you at some point.

 Google’s plan for the future is to connect to the home and working with Nest is definitely a step in that direction. So, IS Google keeping tabs on you? We may not have that direct answer just yet. BUT, you can definitely expect to see more of Google acquiring smart home technology.