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HVAC Tips for Your Beach House

HVAC Tips for Your Beach House

Whether you live close to the beach throughout the year or just vacation at your beach house, comfort management can be a bit of a challenge at times. The humid climate in the Largo area can make it tough to manage conditions in the home, which can affect both your comfort and health. However, there are some helpful strategies for addressing these problems.

Humidity Management in the Home

The ideal humidity in your beach house is less than 50 percent, but this can be difficult to achieve unless your air conditioner operates constantly. During mild weather, you might not want to use your cooling system very much. Unfortunately, this can promote higher indoor humidity levels. You may want to install a dehumidifier to handle the excess humidity. If you are approaching the point at which your air conditioning system will need to be updated, it may be helpful to consider a variable speed AC system that can provide dehumidification activity without intensive cooling. It may also be helpful to install a thermostat that monitors indoor humidity levels.

Mold Mitigation

Excess humidity can also contribute to mold problems as well as structural damage. There are several factors to consider in preventing mold and moisture damage. Ventilation is important, but as you bring fresh air into the house, a pre-filtration feature can minimize the introduction of extra moisture. Balanced ventilation systems draw polluted indoor air from rooms that tend to have more concentrated moisture, and an energy recovery ventilation system also works to conserve cooling energy as the indoor air supply is exchanged for fresh outside air.

UV lamps can be installed in areas that are especially at risk for mold problems. Install a UV lamp in your air handler to prevent mold from building up when the cooler is inactive. You can also place UV lamps in your ductwork to address mold in areas that are difficult to see. You should also check your air filter on a monthly basis to monitor for mold.

Maintenance and HVAC Solutions

Seasonal maintenance is helpful for cleaning your heating and cooling equipment. Your technician can also identify indoor air quality and comfort issues that may be attributed to your beach location. As your system is fine-tuned for excellent performance results, you can also discuss your specific indoor air quality concerns.

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