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Lower AC Costs

In sunny Florida, you depend on your cooling system to keep you cool and comfortable whenever outdoor temperatures soar. That can send your energy bills soaring too. These tips from the professionals at One Hour Air Conditioning and Heating can help lower your AC costs even in the hottest days of summer, without sacrificing your comfort. Change Your Air Filter A dirty filter impedes air circulation and forces your air conditioner to run longer than necessary, wasting your money. The Read more

AC Tips

Monthly utility bills comprise a necessary component in any household budget. While the cost cannot be entirely avoided, this expenditure can be decidedly reduced. A few preventive measures in regards to air conditioning will result in a lower payment each and every billing cycle. Clear Path for Air Flow Landscaping can provide a substantial impediment for unobstructed airflow. Shrubbery, bushes, and other natural features of the landscape frequently grow near the air conditioning unit. The desire to camouflage the unit Read more